Accessories - Zildjian Reflexx Pad
Accessories - Zildjian Reflexx Pad

Accessories - Zildjian Reflexx Pad

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Zildjian/Reflexx Pad


The FLEXX surface of the pad features industry-first 3/4" thickness to create a unique response, resistance, and feel.

Compared to standard solid gum or silicone rubber found in most pads, the FLEXX surface is softer in nature and texture. These characteristics are attained when a foaming agent is introduced into the rubber’s formulation process creating an air-filled cellular structure that rebounds back to its original shape quickly. The surface consists of connected cells that allow air to pass through when compressed, allowing for greater shock absorption while still retaining rebound. Overall, this surface offers a feel somewhere between a standard pad and a pillow. 

At 1/2" in thickness, the WORKK surface is slightly thinner than it's FLEXX counterpart, however, offers a very different feel and response. This surface's overall composition and microcellular structure differ significantly which offers a completely different rebound profile. 

With a softer quality, the WORKK side offers less bounce overall, though still provides a firmness allowing for strokes to be more audible than on a pillow or other completely dead surface.