Accessories - Snareweight Brass #4

Product image 1Accessories - Snareweight Brass #4
Product image 2Accessories - Snareweight Brass #4
Product image 3Accessories - Snareweight Brass #4
Product image 4Accessories - Snareweight Brass #4

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Snareweight #4 is built for metal triple flange hoops (die cast hoops need a pro lock). It's made of solid 3/4lbs. brass. The weight, friction and magnet, all work together to create "expressive dampening"- giving color options to your playing all the way through the dynamic range.

The neodymium arched magnet secures the Snareweight to the hoop while at the same time securing the leather insert. Snareweight #4 is the only body you will ever need. Slide the #4 around the rim with one hand while hitting the drum with the other until you find the sweet spot.

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