Accessories - INDe Drum SB1 Snare Strainer

Product image 1Accessories - INDe Drum SB1 Snare Strainer
Product image 2Accessories - INDe Drum SB1 Snare Strainer

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INDe Drum Lab

SB1 Snare Strainer

Upgrade your snare drum with the New Independent Drum Lab Strainer & Butt Plate!  Smooth, Light, Simple and Reliable. Everything a strainer should be, nothing it shouldn't. The strainer is equipped with slotted mounting holes adapt from 1" to 2.5" hole spacings, with clearance for a center bead. The Snare butt is included, with 12mm vertical hole spacing. These are great for builders or as an upgrade to your existing snare. Excellent design, finish, and quality.

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